Through Natural Solutions, We Believe
Better Patient Outcomes are Possible

Disrupting the treatment of spinal fractures with the OsteoPearl VBA System - a minimally invasive and cement-free technology that utilizes the natural healing properties of healthy bone.

Osteoporosis: The Shocking Truth

Osteoporosis - a disease that causes a reduction in bone mass and therefore weakening the bone - will result in 8.9 million fractures worldwide each and every year.¹

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Vertebral Compression Fractures

In the US, an estimated 1.5 million vertebral compression fractures occur each year. Many times, they can go undetected and are often the cause of back pain.¹

Studies show that if the fracture is not surgically treated, the patient population will have increased morbidity and mortality.¹

Adding insult to injury, after the incidence of a vertebral fracture, there is a 19.2% chance of an additional fracture within the next 12 months.


  • Vetebral Factures Can Lead To:

    • Severe back pain
    • Immobility
    • Deformity
    • Increased health complications
    • Decreased life expectancy

  • Quality of Life Impacts May Include:

    • Loss of self-esteem
    • Distorted body image
    • Depression.

Healing Through Innovation


Osteoporotic patients with spinal fractures deserve a solution that helps them heal without causing additional problems. What if there was a way to stabilize the fracture and provide a research-proven healing solution to restore the spine to health? By eliminating the need for traditional bone cement and utilizing the natural healing properties of healthy bone, we drive towards the long-term health of the patient.


Benefits of Biologics

With the introduction of the OsteoPearl VBA System, Lenoss Medical is pioneering the first fully biologic cementless technology, intended to immediately stabilize the damaged vertebrae while delivering a clinically proven biologic tissue, for the long-term healing of the spine. 

An Elegant, Holistic Solution

Created with the belief that treatment for vertebral fractures should be natural and work in harmony with the patient's physiology.

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Features + Benefits

Leveraging physiological properties, come learn about everything the first-of-its-kind OsteoPearl VBA system offers.

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Cement Conundrum

Cement is often used to repair vertebral fractures. But the treatment doesn't come without risks.³

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  4. Lindsay R, Silverman SL, Cooper C, et al. Risk of new vertebral fracture in theyear following a fracture.JAMA. 2001;285(3):320-323


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