OsteoPearl VBA System:
Where Nature Meets Technology

Minimally invasive spinal implant designed to stabilize the fracture, and create an environment for restoration and healing.

Anatomic and biologic properties. It acts like bone because it is bone. Not a synthetic foreign object that does not promote healing.

Inspired by the AO Principles of fracture reduction and fixation to restore anatomical relationships, preserve the blood supply to soft tissues and bone, and strive for early and safe mobilization and rehabilitation of the patient.¹ ²

Ovine Animal Study Histology and Micro CT Images Over Time

3 weeks

3 Weeks

6 weeks

6 Weeks

12 weeks

12 Weeks

3 week progression
6 week progression
12 week progression

Why OsteoPearl is Different

The OsteoPearl VBA System is the first and only fully biological solution for treating VCFs.
•100% cortical bone introduces structure to combat the effects of osteoporosis
•Eliminates the risk of embolisms associated with cement³
•Holistic, natural, long term health option for patients and physicians
•Biologic Technology: Viable, research-proven healing solution


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