Say So Long to Cement

The traditional surgical treatment for vertebral compression fractures consists of using synthetic balloons to create cavities in the spine, followed by a liquid acrylic cement that is injected into the spine in order to stabilize the fractured vertebrae.

However, studies show that even in the hands of the most experienced surgeons, the procedure can cause problems down the road. 

1 in 5 VCF procedures result in cement leaking out of the vertebrae, and in some cases flowing into the bloodstream¹

Cement migration can end up in the heart, lungs, and press against the spinal cord, creating health risks, including pulmonary hypertension and heart surgery²

This poses particular concern for osteoporosis patients, who are likely to already suffer from heart and lung issues²

cement issue

An Elegant, Cementless Solution

Lenoss Medical is pioneering the first fully biologic cementless technology, intended to directly stabilize the damaged vertebrae while delivering healing technology for the long-term healing of the spine.   

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Introducing the OsteoPearl

Simply elegant in our approach, we designed a streamlined and intuitive procedure for maximum workflow efficiency and minimal supply chain burden.  

The OsteoPearl implants, with flexible links between the pearls, consist of 100% cortical bone, designed to create a 3-D Cortical Structural Matrix for immediate stability while introducing both osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties. This stimulates healing and bone growth, for the long-term health of the patient, while avoiding all the complications associated with traditional cement. 

Features + Benefits

First of Its Kind

First fully structural VBA system available in the US to offer implants featuring cementless, 100% cortical bone stabilization optimized for treating vertebral compression fractures.


  • Patented OsteoPearl Implant Technology creates a 3-D Cortical Structural Matrix while enabling blood flow.
  • Osteoconductive and Osteoinductive for long-term biologic benefits

Adding Bone where Bone is Needed

  • OsteoPearls have a high compressive strength
  • Patented Elevoss Cavity Creator with directional control and tactile feedback intended to create a cavity for the OsteoPearl implant

Ingenuity lies in Simplicity

  • Reliable technique without any toxic fumes
  • Minimal number of steps for ease of use
  • Reduced number of instruments brought into the surgical suite
  • Optimized for outpatient surgery center setting



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